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October 2019 Newsletter

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October 2019

Breast Cancer, Mutations, and Me

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Breast Cancer, Mutations, and Me

In October 1985, the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutic division of Imperial Chemical Industries (now AstraZeneca) founded Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Since then, many countries around the world mark this month's focus on the awareness, early detection, and treatment of breast cancer.

Many notable programs to support various breast cancer charities have been created and have become part of our everyday life. From the Susan G. Komen Foundation® to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and even your local eatery, all have created promotions to raise money to fight breast cancer. We have all seen the pink ribbons, the walkathons, and the bumper stickers. But how much do we pay attention to the fight when it is not personal?

RSNA Appoitnments

RSNA Annual Meeting 2019

Will you be in Chicago for the 2019 RSNA Annual Meeting? Do you want to win a free heart rate monitor? We will select five people a day who make appointments to visit our sales team at the Shimadzu Booth to win one.

Fuji ASPIRE Cristalle


The fight against breast cancer is not one-dimensional. At Fujifilm, we are committed to doing our part, at every opportunity, to deliver value through imaging innovation. Built smarter for a better patient experience.


"Tilt-C technology that delivers true imaging flexibility."


Best in Class Imaging

  • Industry-proven cesium iodide at panel detector ensures optimal reliability
  • Static and dynamic acquisition capabilities offer maximum flexibility
  • Flat panel area of 17 x 17 inches covers more anatomy to accommodate a multitude of procedures
  • Real-time image optimization provides unparalleled image quality

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