The CMS Imaging Promise

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At CMS Imaging, we treat every customer as if they are our only customer. We provide an exclusive customer experience for our hospital and ambulatory partners by offering "Best in Class" medical imaging equipment, software and informatics solutions, and premier service, training, and support.

We assure your success by working with you to create the "CMS Success Blueprint" which will ensure your project is on time and on budget. Our "Enriched Training Experience" provides training for your staff, now and in the future. And if something goes wrong, we have our P.I.T. (Project Interruption Tactical) Crew to step in and make things right.

We back all of this up with our No-Risk Guarantee. "We will not accept final payment until we have met our mutually-agreed upon definition of success."

What does STP stand for?

S - CMS Success Blueprint
The CMS Success Blueprint is the mutually agreed upon success plan that includes meticulously guiding you through every step. Ongoing evaluation and benchmarking of agreed upon success criteria, including but not limited to: quarterly follow-up; senior management engagement; and outgoing training. The CMS Imaging No Risk Guarantee promises our customers successful project implementation. "Our Success is Directly Tied to Your Success."

T - Enriched Training Program (ETE)
CMS Imaging understands and acknowledges the significant importance of staff training to the success of imaging projects. To this point, the CMS ETE provides extended training hours/days to technologists and superusers. CTE Platinum is for customers taking advantage of CMS Imaging's 3 or 5 year service plans that offer additional benefits at no additional costs. These consist of:
  • Ongoing technologists and superuser training both on-site and through the use of technology when software upgrades are installed.
  • Biomedical staff training
  • On-going staff and management CEU trainings

P - PIT Crew
CMS Imaging has a Project Interruption Tactical Crew. Key members from Sales, Service, Operations, Project Management, and Training implement the following three step plan when there is a potential issue that may result in a delay in the agreed upon critical timeline:
  • Enhanced escalation (same day) - Team conference / video call
  • Key Player / Key Process / Best Solution strategy
  • Documentation and Customer Follow-Up Plan