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RADspeed Pro style edition V series

"High-Performance General Radiography System"

RADspeed Pro style edition V series

User Friendly Synchronization Features

The focal point of the X-ray tube unit moves up and down matching the vertical positioning of the X-ray Bucky stand and Bucky table. This allows the operator to attend the patient in a standing position while positioning the equipment. For a table study, the X-ray tube automatically moves to a preset SID, enabling accurate and fast positioning.

RADspeed Pro style edition V series

Vertical tracking with Bucky stand

RADspeed Pro style edition V series

Vertical tracking with Bucky table

The Auto-Positioning feature is synchronized with the anatomical program. This function moves the ceiling-mounted X-ray tube support to any desired position at the press of a single button and can automatically set the X-ray tube angle. This effortless tube positioning allows the operator to focus on patient care.

RADspeed Pro seamless Auto-Positioning movement

Superb Functionality Meet Various Clinical Needs

X-ray tube support vertical range of 63 inches (1,600 mm) ensures sufficient SID when examining supine patients and low focal point radiography of standing patients. This support also rotates on the vertical and horizontal axis in addition to fixed positioning at any desired angle, enabling fast positioning at complex angles for orthopedic applications.

Radiography parameters and techniques can be changed beside the patient as well as on the wall-mounted console in the control room. The operator can prepare any radiographic exams without leaving the patient.

RADspeed Pro style edition V series

Sufficient vertical travel

RADspeed Pro style edition V series

Synchronized screen between X-ray tube support and the console

Customize Your Radiographic Room

The RADspeed Pro is customizable radiographic system depending on the customer’s needs. Easy operation FPD rotation tray maximize the use of 14x17inches detector and it is a cost-effective solution in the X-ray department. The tractable cable management system organizes the X-ray tube support cables and provides your radiographic room with clean appearance.

RADspeed Pro style edition V series

FPD rotation tray for 14x17inches detect

Cable tracker for clean appearance

Comprehensive Dose Reduction and Management

The RADspeed Pro built-in dose management features help dose reduction efficiently. The collimator’s auto-filtering feature automatically switches to an optimal beam hardening filter based on the selected APR and reduce low energy X-ray spectrum which is mostly unnecessary for general radiographic imaging. The built-in calculated dose display function shows the expected dose, in advance of the exposure, based on the X-ray parameters and the distance to the patient. The calculated dose value can be sent to the DR console and the RIS/PACS system as dose recording purpose. (DAP meter is available as an option.) Removing the grid during radiography allows reducing the exposure dose level in pediatric and orthopedic applications.

RADspeed Pro style edition V series

Automatic filter selection based on selected APR

RADspeed Pro style edition V series

Removable grid for pediatric exams

Experience New Clinical Values with an Innovative DR System

The elegance of the new design combines the robustness of product while creating a sophisticated, powerful and practical detector in any hospital environment. V series detector is suitable for use on the stand and table tray, table-top or cross-table exams, and ER or surgery room environment.

RADspeed Pro style edition V series
RADspeed Pro style edition V series

Drop resistance 1m (40 inch) height

RADspeed Pro style edition V series

Convenient charging
Cradle for safe storing and easy charging

RADspeed Pro style edition V series

V1417 (14 x 17 inches)
Versatile use
6.9lbs. (3.15kg)

RADspeed Pro style edition V series

V1717 (17 x 17 inches)
Chest stand, Trauma, and Surgery
8.0lbs. (3.65kg)

RADspeed Pro style edition V series

V1012 (10 x 12 inches))
Extremities and Orthopedics
4.3lbs. (1.95kg)

Designed with the user in mind, the digital control console offers easy navigation and touch screen features to simplify procedures and improve workflow.

Automatically Linked Radiography X-Ray Exposure Field (*Option)
The collimator X-ray exposure field is automatically linked to the exposure area size selected in the DR system.

Verify the Patient Name in the Examination Room (*Option)
The patient name and ID number registered in the DR system are displayed on the X-ray tube support, which makes it easy to verify patient information

RADspeed Pro style edition V series

V series DICOM Standard Compliance

RADspeed Pro style edition V series

Intuitive design V series DR console