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Cuattro Cloud DR
Introducing the all-new Cuattro 14”x17” Ultra-HD, Cesium, wireless, cassette-sized, AED detector. It is Ultra-HD responsive, with 15 million 100 micron pixels tuned at a full 16 bits of grayscale. It is light, portable, and agile, for enhanced patient and user safety. And because it employs the latest generation of Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) it installs in seconds, without the need to "synchronize" or "re-wire” x-ray devices. This light-weight, super-thin, cassette size detector, easily operates across existing tables, wall-stands, Bucky systems, and mobile generators. Best of all, the new Cuattro 14”x17” Ultra-HD, Cesium, wireless, cassette-sized, AED detector is crafted from the ground up to work natively with Cuattro's leading multi-frequency image tuning and multi-touch acquisition software. The results are as clear as the images. Better. Much better.

Cuattro Cloud DR
High Image Quality
The optimal combination of the AeroDR detector using a Konica Minolta CsI scintillator combined with the newly developed low noise readout ICs delivers a high DQE*3.

At the same time, we achieved the wider dynamic range of DR comparable to CR. This means that in a radiography of shoulder joints, for example, the AeroDR® permits describing the skin line accurately even when the radiographic conditions change along the way.

Key Features

  • Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)
  • Completely wireless operation with the fastest data transfer rates
  • Casette-sized. Use across multiple rooms and mobile generators
  • Super-stable wireless connection with working distances over 100’
  • Faster image transfer than wired detectors
  • Three batteries included with double charger
  • Over 150 consecutive images per battery charge
  • 4 hours of run time at 21˚C (75˚F)
  • 2.1 hour charge time per battery (from empty)
  • On-board storage for up to 90 images


  • 24x7 US Based Cuattro Employed Technical support
  • Overnight Loaner Program
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee