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Ultra U-Arm DR

Konica Minolta Ultra U-Arm DR

The Konica Minolta U-Arm System is ideal for orthopedic practices where space is limited and imaging versatility, flexibility and speed are key. The system swivels into place, producing high-resolution images while a patient is standing, sitting or lying down—which can help you capture the imaging needed for confident diagnoses during a single office visit. It’s an excellent space-saving alternative to bulky table-based systems.


Exceptional Image Quality
Advanced imaging enables excellent visualization of soft tissue and bones from a single study. Combined with an image display speed of just three seconds post-exposure, your team can see and treat more patients per day, helping to transform your radiography operations from a cost center to a profit center. An optional pediatric imaging package facilitates image capture at a lower radiation dosage for children.

Space Efficient Design
U-Arm system components include a main column that is positioned flush with the wall, along with a compact X-ray generator, compact collimator and built-in enclosure that protects the panel during everyday use. This reduced footprint gives clinicians more space to maneuver for capturing images and treating patients.

Improved Radiography Workflow
User-friendly controls simplify the operation of dual-speed motorized movements, while an intuitive anti-collision system makes patient positioning fast, easy and safe. The system automatically maintains alignment between the X-ray tube and image receptor at all times, further enhancing throughput. And the included table allows patients to be moved into a variety of positions.

Comprehensive Coverage for Piece of Mind
To minimize downtime, maximize productivity and mitigate risk over a long functional life, the Konica Minolta Blue Moon Select plan for the U-Arm Digital Radiography System goes beyond typical warranty coverage by including DR panel protection, software updates, onsite service, remote applications, and 24/7 technical assistance. One simple plan. No worries. Sign up at the system point of sale for the lowest five-year cost of ownership.


Key Features

Standard Options
Fully Automated Angle Read-Out Multiple Tube/Generator Combinations Auto Stitching
Patient Side Control 8:1 Grid Standard Radiographic Table Stiching Stand
Generator Control Remote Control Three- Knob Collimator Weight-Bearing Stand
Collision Advanced Processing Algorithms DAP Meter Pediatric Imaging Package
Manual Collimator Motorized Angulation AEC


17" x 17" Detector
Multiple Configurations