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Trinias C16 unity edition


SCORE Imaging
Taking Minimally Invasive Procedures to New Levels

SCORE PRO Advanced
Equipped with advanced functionality for motion tracking noise reduction, and object isolation-based enhancement, the SCORE PRO Advance image processing unit was designed to achieve lower exposure levels and higher image quality. Shimadzu's real-time image processing technology can isolate fine blood vessels, such as micro vascular arterioles during chronic total occlusion angioplasty (CTO) procedures, by enhancing only the target object without sacrificing image quality or increasing exposure dose. Consequently, Shimadzu supports advanced interventional procedures with even higher quality images.

Trinias C16

Even Lower Exposure Dose Levels
The higher image quality offered by SCORE PRO Advance represents another step forward in the advancement of minimally invasive (low dose) procedures. By using an optimal combination of the low-dose mode and low pulse rate, optimized for each examination, Trinias systems can be expected to reduce exposure levels by about 50 % per examination while also providing high image quality.

Trinias C16SCORE StentView Optional
SCORE StentView is the latest, advanced version of StentView, considered truly revolutionary by many clinical users, allowing you to enhance stents and adjust position in dynamic images in real time. The function for specifying the region of interest (ROI) now allows multiple markers to be used for automatic detection, which contributes to higher detection efficiency and shorter examination times.

Real Time Observation without Looking Away
Simply pressing the StentView button or pressing the foot switch automatically displays the StentView image on the love monitor that the operator is watching. Because StenViewimages can be monitored in real time without looking away from the live monitor, StentView can be used without interrupting the procedure.

Trinias C16

Regions of Interest can be Specified

Specifying a region of interest (ROI) improves device detection efficiency, even if multiple devices are present.

Trinias C16

SCORE StentShot - High Definition device visualization Optional
Outstanding stent visualization with SCORE StentShot enhances patient's safety and reduces treatment type. This application provides a static noise free, stent enhanced image, for optimum, post-deployment stent visualization.

Trinias C16


SCORE RSM is an extremely motion-tolerant DSA technique, achieved through Shimadzu's high-speed digital image processing technology. This application is especially effective for tracking vessels across the entire lower extremities, for 3D imaging in combination with C-arm precession and pendulum modes and for examinations on patients who have difficulty holding their breath.

SCORE Chase - Improves Visibility of Entire Lower Extremities Area Optional
Shimadzu SCORE Chase enables freely panning longitudinally or laterally during exposures to trace blood flow through blood vessels. After exposure, SCORE Chase instantly creates a positionally-corrected stitched image automatically and displays it on the monitor so that the overall blood flow through blood vessels in the lower extremities can be determined easily.

Trinias C16

Linking Images to Catheterization Table

Used in combination with a SMART Table multifunctional catheterization table, this links stitched images to the table, so that the SMART Table is automatically repositioned based on the region of interest during magnification or panning in that image. It supports minimally invasive procedures in the lower extremity areas by moving to the region of interest more smoothly and quickly.

Trinias includes a wide variety of roadmap functions that can be selected based on the body area, procedure, and technique in interventional procedures.
Because MAP image settings are kept associated with images even after changing the field of view or magnifying the image or after switching to the frontal or lateral views, MAP functionality can be used without repeating exposures for MAP purposes.


Trinias C16

The TraceMAP function dramatically improves the visibility of wires and devices by automatically overlaying an outline of vascular walls isolated from DSA images onto fluoroscopic images. It can be used for aortic stent grafts and supports endovascular treatment (EVT) of arteries in the lower extremities.

Sketch Function

Trinias C16

This function enables easily drawing guide lines by hand on fluoroscopic images


This applies a subtraction process to the current fluoroscopic image and uses the resulting image of blood vessels as a MAP image. Because it does not require any additional exposures for the MAP function, it results in reducing the contrast media and exposure levels used. Either a without-bone or with-bone display mode can be selected.


Fluoroscopy, this function displays the blank frame with only the subsequent changes enhanced. It can be used for coil or liquid embolization of tumors in the head region, for example.


Trinias C16

The DSA-MAP function displays DSA images overlaid on fluoroscopic images. Either a without-bone display mode, used for areas such as the head, or a with-bone display mode that retains the bones for use as a reference can be selected.

Trinias C16

Flex-APS - Advanced real-time pixel for DSA
Flex-APS saves time by automatically adjusting three-dimensional misregistration caused by all body movements, including twist motion, providing enhanced DSA imaging

Trinias C16

SCORE 3D Optional
The SCORE 3D application allows rapid display of the 3D reconstructed images automatically after rotational radiography. With a top rotational image acquisition speed of 60 degrees per second, the shorter contrast medium injection time reduces the burden on patients while suppressing the impact of movements on the images and ensuring high image quality. In addition, operability has been dramatically improved thanks to easy GUI customization via the pallet function.

Trinias C16

SCORE CT is an application for observing cross-sectional images of low-contrast regions,primarily tumor stains, during procedures. The application has two modes for use depending on the procedure and radiographic region of interest: a 10-second mode (20 degrees/second rotation) and a 20-second mode (10 degrees/second rotation). Axial, coronal, and sagittal images are displayed automatically after radiography.

Trinias C16

SCORE Navi / Navi+Plus
SCORE Navi/Navi+Plus is an application that utilizes preprocedural images to support minimally invasive interventions. By synchronizing the C-arm projections to pre-procedure MDCT images, the system enables these MDCT images to be used as a reference during interventions, reducing contrast media usage and X-ray dose. Automatic registration of the MDCT images with live fluoroscopy images is easily achieved. With the MDCT image overlaying the live fluoroscopy it allows you to adjust the rate of blending. The Navi+Plus application also includes a virtual stent feature that allows you to simulate the stent size and placement position before carrying out a procedure.

SMART Design
Changing the way. Making it possible.

SMART Assist
The system has been designed for single-action performance to make system control in the examination room and control room as simple as possible. This improves efficiency during procedures.

Trinias C16* Stated length (cm) describes total X-ray imaging range added to C-arm movement, table top movement, and FPD field of view

Smart Assist
The ceiling-mounted (C16) is designed to provide a broad operating range. The system layout can be freely configured based on the procedures performed and can flexibly accommodate installing peripheral equipment as well.

Trinias C16
C-Arm Controller
The C-arm can be freely controlled using a lever-type Cyber Console.

Trinias C16

Direct Memory
Registered clinical angles can be called up intuitively using a graphical controller layout.

Trinias C1616”×12” FPD
In the 16-inch large field of view FPD, the vertical and horizontal rotations of the FPD can be selectable according to the procedure and application, and a field of view matching the observation site can be secured. Also, by making the size of the FPD cover compact, it is possible to bring the C-arm closer to the patient at a deep angle, thus providing high image quality that can be sufficiently used even in the heart region.

Multifunctional SMART Table Accommodates a Variety of Procedures and Techniques
Trinias C16
Smart Table can be configured for approaches based on complicated procedures and techniques in various areas, from cardiovascular and head areas to lower extremities, to accommodate a wide range of imaging.

Trinias C16
Smart Table can be operated either manually with the ergonomic mushroom handle or electronically with the table control buttons. Smart Table can also be synchronized to imaging, so that Smart Table is positioned within the region of interest after zooming/panning.

Trinias C16Multifunctional Wireless Foot Switch Optional
With no cables on the floor, it is easy to route position the foot switch where the operator is standing

SMART Display
With the large 58-inch high-resolution color LCD and touch panel controller, the operator can select the optimal display of image data to suit the current procedure.

Trinias C16SMART Touch Provides Smooth Operability
All screen operations are consolidated in one place on the touch panel, including for changing the fluoroscopy/radiography program required during surgical procedures, switching between a wide variety of functionality, and selecting images. By making operations easier to understand and intuitive, it supports a more sophisticated use of surgical procedures and techniques.

Trinias C16
Dynamic Reference
Reference images can be changed, replayed, or paused during fluoroscopy. Moving images from before and after surgical procedures can be compared and replayed.

Parallel Processing Achieves an Efficient Workflow
A multiprocessor enables parallel image processing during examinations providing an efficient workflow.

SMILE Concept
Safety + Comfort = SMILE

Patient-Friendly Clean Design
The color design not only creates a slim form and clean look.

SMILE Dose-eye
SMILE Dose-eye achieves an excellent system-wide optimization between lower dose and high image quality.

 Effectively eliminates unnecessary soft x-rays.

 Select from 10 different rates depending on procedure.

 Blocks unnecessary soft radiation.

 Enables collimation without fluoroscopy.

 SCORE PRO Advance ensures lower dose and higher quality image quality.

 High definition fluoroscopy can substitute for radiography.

 The monitor displays the actual dosage in real time.

SMILE Recovery
  • High Speed Setup - All functions are available within two minutes after power is turned ON
  • Data Mirroring - The mirroring architecture provides data storage redundancy.
  • Backup Filament - If a filament burns out during an examination, the other filament will be automatically selected so the examination can be continued.