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See Factor CT3

FDA 510(k) Cleared for Human Use

Epica CT3

Something Revolutionary Is Happening In Human Medical Imaging

Motorized imaging platform moves easily through any standard door
SeeFactor CT3™ - is a High Definition 3D Volumetric Imaging Platform that is diagnostic (in soft and hard tissue), interventional, intra-operative and delivers ultra high image resolution (as fine as 0.1mm) at much lower radiation dose and overall cost.

This multi-modality and lightweight mobile platform includes HDVI CT, onboard Fluoroscopy and Digital Radiography and can be easily moved as needed from ER/Trauma area to Imaging Room to OR.

Epica CT3


Patient safety paired with market-leading image resolution wherever needed
SeeFactor CT3 can reside in an imaging room or be easily moved to the patient in almost any care environment. ICU or ER Trauma patients are at higher risk during movement to a xed imaging room. Care sta, time, and other facility resources are unnecessarily consumed by moving a high-risk patient to a dedicated imaging room. Enhance patient safety and decrease facility cost while gaining the highest CT image resolution available with SeeFactor CT3.

Epica’s SeeFactor CT3 is our newest mobile and multi-modality High Definition Volumetric Imaging (HDVI) platform designed to deliver gapless, non-interpolated data for diagnostic, interventional & intraoperative imaging. SeeFactor CT3 offers the highest spatial resolution, lowest noise compared to any clinical 3D imaging system in the market.

Unlike conventional CT systems, SeeFactor CT3 provides non-interpolated (gapless, 100% real) image data delivering extraordinary isotropic image resolution as fine as 0.1mm on soft & hard tissue, lesion detection as small as 0.2mm and Epica™ MicroRad Technology to significantly reduce the radiation dose received by the patient and surrounding healthcare delivery team.