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Clean Wast Systems

OMW-1000 Description

Clean Waste Systems OMW-1000 uses "patented" technology utilizing ozone and special handling capabilities to treat and sterilize medical waste. While representing a breakthrough in sustainable technology, this solution makes business sense by providing almost immediate cost savings. The OMW-1000 is able to grind and treat regulated medical waste: red bag, pathological, sharps and pharmaceutical in a self-contained all enclosed system. The quiet and safe operation also uses minimal energy and does not rely on heat resulting in the safest waste treatment system on the market.

The system shreds medical waste into fine particles prior to treating/sterilizing with high levels of Humidizone™, humidified ozone. Once thoroughly shredded (reduced in size), Humidizone™ is expressed onto the exposed waste for sterilization. Ozone is a natural sterilization agent that has been used for decades to purify water and in commercial laundry applications as well as more recent uses in the sterilization of medical instruments.

The OMW-1000 generates its own ozone on-site so there is no need for transporting chemicals. Aside from the many advantages of using Ozone as its sterilant, the OMW system is unique to the marketplace in that it is not a typical batch feed system, but rather a continuous feed system.

Users are able to roll an entire 1 cubic yard cart of waste into the unit, without having to wait 20 minutes to an hour at a time before introducing the next cart of waste. The OMW system empties a cart, sets it back down, and immediately is ready for the next waste cart to process. This workflow allows OMW users to process waste much faster and process more waste than typical autoclaves or other sterilization methods.

The OMW-1000 is fully enclosed and automated for safety and efficiencies.

How it Works

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