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RadPRO Omnera 400A Automatic-Positioning Digital Radiography System

Canon RadPRO Omnera 400A  Automatic-Positioning Digital Radiography System

This fully automatic positioning system is constructed of rugged aircraft aluminum and is designed to meet the challenges of high-volume hospital imaging departments and help create an efficient workflow to increase patient throughput. With advanced applications like auto-stitching, and a wide range of configurations, the RadPRO® OMNERA® 400A system can easily handle routine exams, as well as more demanding diagnostic imaging exams.


  • Light, easy-to-operate overhead tube crane with 10-inch, touch-screen display helps make exams as simple as selecting a protocol and pressing a control
  • Fully motorized auto- positioning provides servo tracking to both the wall stand and table for fast and effortless precision positioning
  • Flexible table positioning adjusts for easy patient access and transfer while providing a comfortable working level for healthcare professionals
  • A manual override easily and quickly adjusts the lightweight system to your needs
  • Using the Canon Wireless Detector, X-ray images are delivered faster than conventional film or CR systems, helping to reduce wait times for staff and patients