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DR 400

Scalable DR within your reach

Agfa DR400

Affordable floor-mounted DR without compromise

Why DR 400?

Digital solutions can be affordable and still meet the high quality standards you need. With our floor-mounted DR 400 we offer a complete, scalable DR solution that can grow and develop with your facility.

A floor-mounted DR solution that allows you to choose your own digital path at your own pace and that answers the need to deliver higher throughput with a lower cost per examination, all while providing excellent image quality

A range of options:

Motorized vertical tracking of the tubehead automatically adapts the height of the tubehead when the height of the bucky is changed, for better and easier patient positioning
10-inch multi-functional display on the tubehead, automatically rotating, with image previews, radiographic parameters, and more
Automatic cassette size sensor in the rotating bucky that controls the automatic collimator and speeds up the workflow
DAP (Dose Area Product) meter: either external (with the manual collimator) or internal (for the automatic collimator)


DR plays a key role in advancing Asian healthcare standards

"We chose the DR 400 because it offers a complete, scalable DR solution that is able to grow and develop as our requirements change."

“Once we had seen the DR 400 demonstrated we knew it was the right fit both for the room and the volume of throughput.”

I can’t see in the future that there will be any technology that will be better than that provided by the MUSICA-based imaging solutions of Agfa.

Agfa Intelligent

Choose intelligence

With Agfa’s comprehensive DR portfolio, you know that, any way you choose, you are making the smart choice. Because each of our DR solutions includes intelligent MUSICA image processing, for “first-time-right” images with the possibility to reduce dose. That’s intelligence you can count on.

“With MUSICA, we get more details out of an image, and in a more comfortable way.”

“When we showed the radiologists the new version of MUSICA, they often got used to the new image presentation very quickly! ‘Once you appreciate that level of detail’, they said, ‘there’s no going back’.”

Piet Vuylsteke PhD, Senior Researcher, Agfa

Agfa Musica

The diagnosis is in the detail

Agfa Musica

For decades, Agfa’s MUSICA software has been taking image processing to the next level, delivering digital radiography image processing software that automatically produces optimized images.

That’s why we call it the “gold standard”.

Dose Management is Everyone's Business

Agfa’s digital radiography solutions are designed to deliver the optimum balance between low radiation dose and high image quality while providing the tools to monitor the patient exposures.

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