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Sonialvision Versa 100R/100

"The Universal R/F System to Expand Your Clinical Possibility and Productivity"

Sonialvision Versa 100R/100

The Sonialvision Versa System provides stable image quality, a multitude of functions and a system design thought out to the smallest detail offers a glimpse of the future.

Sonialvision Versa 100R/100

Wide Application Coverage

Safe and easy procedures are achieved by its head-to-toe coverage by the full longitudinal sliding range of imaging unit at any tilting angle, no need to move the patient. (Especially at Endoscopic procedures, no more worry about sudden patient movement by misoperation)The sliding speed of the imaging unit is user-adjustable (max. 15CM/sec); slow speed is recommended for ERCP, PTCD, biopsy examinations, etc., and fast speed is good enough for peripheral bolus chase and upper GI.

Wider fluoroscopic and radiographic image field to both ends of the tabletop without spot film device allows efficient examinations with normal positioning and without patient anxiety.

Sonialvision Versa 100R/100

One-Million-Pixel CCD Camera Produces High Image Quality

Extremely valuable for gastrointestinal examinations, the newly developed one-million-pixel CCD camera produces 12-bit high-definition, high-contrast 1024 x 1024 matrix images. Also, to ensure no detail is missed during esophageal imaging, the latest digital technology is used to capture images at up to 15 frames per second.

Sonialvision Versa 100R/100

Designed for the Comfort of Patient and Operator Alike

The perfectly flat tabletop simplifies patient movement and provides the optimal examination environment.The tabletop can be set at the appropriate operator’s working height or, to reduce the load on care staff when moving the patient. When the I.I. retracting function is used, the table can be lowered to just 63 cm.*

* In the case of the Sonialvision Versa 100R with 12"I.I.

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