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RadPRO ELITE XM - Overhead/Ceiling Mounted Radiography System

Canon RadPRO ELITE XM - Overhead/Ceiling Mounted Radiography System
Perform exams with confidence with this modern, multi-purpose system designed for optimal radiographic results. The RadPRO® Elite Overhead/Ceiling Mounted Radiography System helps achieve easy, efficient exams needed by today’s high-volume hospital imaging departments. Equipped with a high-frequency generator, elevating four-way float table, chest unit, and overhead X-ray support, it provides precision positioning with speed and effortless movements.


  • Flexibility for exams ranging from chest, spine, abdomen, extremities, and more
  • Chest stand and elevating table allow patients to be X-rayed in a variety of ways
  • Using the Canon Wireless Detector, X-ray images are delivered faster than conventional film or CR systems, helping to reduce wait times for staff and patients

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