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RadPRO Delinia 200 Digital X-Ray Acquisition Cart

Canon RadPRO Delinia 200 Digital X-Ray Acquisition Cart

The RadPRO® DELINIA® 200 Digital X-ray Acquisition Cart comes equipped with a computer, access point, touch-screen monitor, detector holder, and a choice of the Canon CXDI-701C, 801C, or 401C Wireless Digital Radiography Detector.


  • Compact design allows for easy sharing of detectors among multiple areas of the facility, such as the Rad Room, Trauma, OR, and ER
  • Wireless DR Detectors deliver exceptional spatial resolution with low X-ray exposure
  • The auto-detection mode of the detector allows for X-rays to be automatically detected at exposure without the use of a typical generator interface.
  • Detectors work with currently installed X-ray generator or mobile generator

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