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Universal VS100

Universal VS100

Designed specifically for upright radiography, the VS100 vertical wall holder meets the requirements of hospitals, clinics, ambulator care centers, HMO's, group practice and private offices. Extensive vertical bucky travel enables the user with rapid positioning of the patient. The bucky lowers to floor level to permit weight bearing knee and ankle exams.


Key benefits of the Universal VS100 include:
  • 103 lines, 10:1 ratio fine line grid provides for greater film quality
  • Dual counterweight cables for added patient/user safety
  • Vertical travel range of 58.38" (148.28cm) permits a wide variety of exams


Column height: 86.75" (220.4cm)
Receptor height: 23.4" (59.4cm)
Vertical travel range: 58.4" (148.28cm)
Receptor width: 23.3" (59cm)
Depth: 13" (33cm)
Weight 258 lbs. (117kg)
Front panel aluminum equivalency: 0.4 mm
Options: 17" x 17" (43cm x 43cm) grid cabinet or bucky
Deluxe, heavy-duty manual cassette tray
Rotating Tray Cabinet
Variety of grid options

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